Cargo Cats, Inc.

Warehousing, Truck Freight Shipping and Third Party Logistics Services Company


Cargo Cats Inc. provides third party logistics service and operates Warehousing, Cross docking CAas an asset based company along with providing non-asset based services to assure best practice partners in achieving your goals of a cost efficient, flexible and integrated Logistics Supply Chain.


We are an experienced and proficient warehouse and logistics service provider in Southern California. We offer determined and dedicated warehousing and transportation services. We allow full flexibility to quickly adapt to our customer's ever-changing and evolving transportation needs in the field of storage, order fulfillment, warehousing, distribution, material handling, supply chain management and transportation.


As a premier transportation leader, Cargo Cats, Inc. has great functional distribution, trucking facilities, railcar loading & unloading and transportation terminals strategically located in Southern California.


Cargo Cats Inc. wide range, fast and responsive services include:

  • Distribution
  • Order fulfillment
  • High-quality warehousing
  • Cross docking
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Transportation, all across the world covering international and domestic clients.

Cargo Cats, Inc. approach to distribution, warehousing and transportation operations is to offer flexible supply chain solutions to their customers. We represent accurate inventory, timely order processing, services, strength, safety and security. We provide our clients with web-based access to view comprehensive information related to their product like order status, delivery schedules, inventory receipts and shipments.