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Cross Dock Freight Management Services, CA

Cross-Docking Strategy to Reduce Warehousing Costs

Cargo Cats, Inc. provides third party logistics including cross dock freight management services CA. We are an experienced warehouse, cross docking and logistic service company in Southern Caliornia. Cargo Cats, Inc. are proven experts in the business of transportation, Southern California Warehousing and cross docking.

Cargo Cats, Inc.s cross docking services are flexible, reliable and cost effective. Our cross-docking operations offer large staging areas where materials are sorted. Our cross docking service is value-added, fully functional, effective and efficient to enhance the transportation services we offer in California.

Our mission is to offer our customers with cross dock freight managem
ent services that meet or exceed their expectations and cross docking needs, while striving for improvement. We are specialized in cross-docking services to help companies reduce warehousing costs, shorten delivery lead times, and also enhance order fill rates.

Our Cross Dock Freight Management Services in California are for those companies who wish to reduce excess inventory stored at facility or manufacturing site, who do not posses the physical space, or storage capacity or equipment, or materials required for special order fulfillment and packaging activities at their facility.

Key Benefits Of Cross Docking:

  • Greater supply chain responsiveness
  • Consolidation
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Full rail service available
  • Increased output
  • Quicker cash flow
  • Local inbound shipments

Cargo Cats, Inc. Key Operational Highlights

  • 24*7 online access to your inventory
  • Effective warehouse Management System
  • Flexibility
  • First In First Out (FIFO) processing
  • Reliable outbound delivery
  • Immediate re-distribution, segregation by item.

Contact us for cross-docking strategy to reduce your warehousing cost.

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Cross Dock Management Service CA