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Inventory Control Services Riverside CA

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Inventory Control Services Riverside CA

24/7 online access to your inventory and order entry with our Warehouse Management System (WMS) provides maximum visibility at your convenience.

Warehousing Southern California (CA)

Inventory Control Services:

A.  Computerized Inventory Control System- allows for customers to enter their orders online, reducing the time & expense of processing orders via phone/fax.  Additionally, customer-entered orders will be processed directly from what is entered, so clients can be assured the orders are pulled as per their directions and can benefit from reduced processing errors


B.  Easy Information Access- All the information you need about your inventory receipts & shipments is right at your fingertips - all at the click of a button


C.  Tracking Inventory- Track your parcel shipments using the link provided for those shipments automatically


D.  Personalized Account- Customers can log in using thier personalized User ID & Password which will allow them to view the inventory and activity on their account and enter new orders, as well as export and print reports showing real time activity


E.  First In First Out (FIFO) processing, unless otherwise requested


F.  Controlled Inventory Processing- Lot/batch number and expiration date controlled processing is available

Other Southern California Warehousing Services include devanning of containers, pick pack, and cross docking.

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